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New user dashboard 


Visual redesign

Interaction design

UX Design


3 weeks to prototype

Creating a new user dashboard to increase company profile submissions


Engineering, Product, Marketing, Compliance


Designing a user dashboard that increases the number of company profile submissions. 


Product Goal

Convert user sign ups into successful company profile submissions

Business Goal

Increase revenue by turning sign ups into signed clients via the company profile

Show off Productfy product offerings via the Developer Docs

User Goal

When a prospective client signs up to Productfy, how do we get them to complete their company profile?

Increase customer satisfaction and trust by simplifying onboarding experience and making dashboard more elegant

The Problem


Based on customer interviews, we were able to identify pain points in our existing dashboard design that were contributing to low company profile submission rates

Existing Issues

- Old dashboard lacked a clear CTA section prompting new users to fill out their company profile

-Productfy dashboard users are not always company owners - some are developers and employees (i.e. not all users should be allowed to fill out company profile)

-Users are not aware of what the company profile entails and get stuck halfway through because they lack EIN number, beneficial owner info, etc.

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 11.23 1.png


Competition Analysis


Looking at how other platforms designed their first time user dashboards


-Dashboard immediately after sign up included prominent CTA section at the top that prompted user to complete next step in onboarding process
-Secondary spaces on the dashboard encourage user to explore product offerings and docs
-Clean, light designs evoke elegance and trust



Creating a journey map in FigJam to understand how our different users would interact with a user dashboard



Creating a journey map in FigJam to understand how our different users would interact with a user dashboard

Final Design

CTA card prompts users to complete their company profile after sign up

Plus, the blue "test-mode banner at the top of the dashboard subtly reinforces the CTA by prompting the user to complete their company profile to exit test mode and start building

Bottom section encourages user to explore Productfy's technical docs 

For users who are developers or just browsing Productfy's platform, the Developer Docs section of the dashboard allows them to explore Implementation guides, API docs, and Release Notes

Designing for user success

Adding a welcome screen before starting the company profile flow prepares the user for what's coming up and informs them they need key company information (EIN number, beneficial ownership form, etc.) 

Frame 541.png


Overall design was a success and increased company profile submission rates by 45%

Success Metrics (after 2 months post-launch)

Company Profiles Started


Profiles Submitted


Signed Clients


75% conversion rate

45% increase!


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