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Designing a multi-use business card product 


End-to-end visual design

Interaction design

UX Design


2 weeks to prototype

Creating the user experience around setting up a multi-use card for business expenses


Engineering, Product, Marketing

Frame 534.png

Our goal was to create a business card product that our clients could set spend controls on.

Product Goal

Allow clients to create virtual or physical multi-use business cards that they could use for different company expense types

Business Goal

Onboard new clients who want to be able to create a multi-use business card that they can give to employees and set card controls on.

Due to client requests and to increase Productfy's competitive advantage in the fintech industry, we needed to create a new commercial card product that would allow a single company controller to create multiple virtual and physical cards for business expenses.

Research & Wireframing

After looking at our competitor's similar product offerings to understand trends around creating this product, I developed some wireframes of the flow, which I presented to stakeholders and refined based on their feedback.

Frame 540.png

Product Features

Users can easily create a new virtual or physical business card from account dashboard

From the Cards tab of the account dashboard, a user can easily create a virtual or physical card and view information about each type

Card controls allow clients to customize and manage card use

Users can create a nickname for their card, choose a card funding account, and set spending limits to control card use

Cards tab of account dashboard allows clients to view and edit card control details

Once a card is created, users can view its details from the cards tab and edit the spending controls

Responsive design means users can easily access account dashboard from their phones

We made sure the design was responsive so users could easily access their cards from mobile devices

Client account dashboard allows users to view and manage their cards and track spending

The account dashboard gives users full transparency into their spending and cards, while allowing them to add funds, transfer money, and pay bills

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