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Designing a challenge search feature


Visual Design

Interaction Design

UX Research


1 day to prototype

Creating a feature to allow users to search by challenge and location.

Frame 196.png

TripRanger is an app that turns traveling into a game by allowing users to upload location-based challenges that can then be completed to earn points and win prizes.

Design Challenge

Create a new search feature that allows users to search by challenge name and location.

TripRanger's original search feature only allowed users to search challenges by location. According to user feedback, this made it difficult to easily find challenges for users who wanted to search for challenges by keyword, such as "hike." So, we needed to create a feature that would allow users to search challenges by location and title/keyword.


The old search design only allowed users to search by location, making it hard to find challenges by keyword or name. 

New Search Flow

A new, double-stacked search allows users to easily find challenges based on title/keyword and location. Showing recent searches and auto-suggesting challenges as users type increases usability and efficiency even more.

Frame 201.png

Can't forget the empty state screen! 😉

Just in case a user's search yielded no results. 


What the users said:

"I love the new search! Makes it so much easier to find challenges that I want to do." 

IMG_7786 1.png
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