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The Quad

Helping young professionals meet & connect




The Quad, a social startup


Social platform

My Role

Entire product design, from research to execution

Project Time

1 week to MVP

The Quad is an app to help young professionals and entrepreneurs meet people in new cities. In my first conversation with the co-founders, I learned that they had both felt very frustrated when trying to connect with entrepreneurial-minded people like themselves after moving to new cities. They both expressed a need for a platform that would allow one to meet cool co-founders or people with shared interests. They also said it was hard for them to meet new people on platforms like Facebook or Instagram, which are designed to help you connect further with people you've already met. 

The vision for The Quad was that it be a hybrid between a blind dating app and LinkedIn - essentially a way to find people with whom you connected on a deeper level. By the time they approached me, the co-founders had already conducted user interviews and created a PRD. From their research and my own, I was able to create a full mobile app design.


Based on the detailed PRD, I was able to create a series of wireframes of the app. Once we had nailed down the core functionalities, I created a low-fidelity mockup. We iterated through a couple of visual styles before landing on a cohesive minimalist design, which I then translated into the high-fidelity mockup. 

Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 7.26.22 PM.png


Product Design.

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