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Rhymes with Reason

Making literacy learning relevant through music

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Rhymes with Reason, an Ed-tech startup



My Role

Website redesign and social media asset creation

Project Time

2 weeks for redesign

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Rhymes with Reason is an Ed-tech startup whose mission is to make literacy learning more relevant for elementary and middle school kids by teaching them vocabulary through the music of their favorite musical artists. I was hired to redesign the Rhymes with Reason website at a stage when the company was experiencing more traction due to COVID-19 and was therefore in need of a visual refresh. 

Although some aspects of the sitemap needed reworking to make the site more intuitive for teachers and parents who visited it, the majority of my work was spend translating the company's brand into a cohesive visual style that balanced fun and seriousness.

The Brief.

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I wanted to have a more robust understanding of Rhymes with Reason's key user groups, so I developed personas for three potential visitors to the site: Stephanie, a 6th grade English teacher; Danielle, a single working mom; and Tyler, a 12-year-old student.

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User Personas. 


Redesigning Rhymes with Reason's website was a fun challenge because the company caters to two different demographics. On one hand, RWR provides an educational tool for school administrators and parents, who want to feel assured that they are purchasing a quality product. On the other hand, the daily users of Rhymes with Reason are students - typically middle schoolers from inner-city schools who want an immersive educational experience that feels relevant to them. 

With both these users in mind, I endeavored to create a website design that balanced seriousness and levity. Rhymes with Reason's brand is bright and youthful. Adding visual flavor to the website with small doses of bright colors allows it to speak to the students. However, employing a fundamentally minimalistic design and incorporating testimonials and photos of students using the platform caters to educators and parents who will interact with the site. 

Final Design.

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